Basset Rescue Edmonton

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Winston came to us from the Fort Mac fires and found his new home  where he fills the empty spot left by his new moms previous Bassert.

Little Alice was 6 months old when we were contacted by a vet clinic. She had been dropped off at the clinic as the owners no longer wanted her as she peed in rthe house..

Well the foster home fell in love with her and so goes another foster failure :)

She now lives with another Basset (Lucinda)her family adopted from us. 

This lovely little senior came to us along with Daryl from Inuvik. She was lucky to be scooped up quickly by a wonderful home to love out her retirement years.

Daryl came to us from Inuvik he was barely fostered when the perfect home came available. Now Daryl is living the life with a little human sister all to his own.

Happy Tails

So this little cutie finally found a home and family of his own. Good Luck Gus <3

Lucky little Penny has found the perfect home. We wish you well little one!

Yay for our puppy mill dog Rocky that had such a difficult time adjusting to a pampered dogs life. he has finally been adopted and has settled in very well.

Oh Olive how happy you are. After coming to us from the states you made yourself right at home in your foster home and there you stay. Long time foster family Keith and Michelle could not part with this lovely old gal.

Look how happy Leo looks! What a lucky guy he found his new furever family. And best yet he got promoted to protector!!! Have a good life Leo hope you can make it down from Calgary for the Basset Rescue Romp and Race.


Here is our little Penny. Came out a puppy mill at the young age of 2 1/2 already having had a couple litters. She was terribly scared especially of men and had never been in a home. The foster family worked hard to help her adjust. She was ever so fortunate to be adopted by a familiar family member of the foster family. And now she lives with them and her new basset sibling.


Look at our Louie! Has to be one of the sweetest Bassets ever! He found his furever home in Vancouver with his new mom Andrea and little dachshund brother Rio!

Our Daisy a Basset/beagle cross went on t live a happy life where she sure to be spoiled. How nice it was to see her at the Romp and Race she looked fantastic!!!
Lois mother of Violet below. Both Lois and violet came to us from our sister organization in the US. both pooches were living a hard life on the streets. We were happy to help out and take them in. And now look how happy and healthy they are. Lois has ben adopted by her foster family and spends her days with her basset brother. :) 

Little  Violet what a love she is the daughter of Lois above and the new playmate of Bella below. How lucky for her to be adopted by the same loving family as Bella.

Oh sweet little Bella mother of big Khaos below. Both came into rescue to find their forever homes. Bella made a lucky family home. She enjopys the warmth of Vernon BC and three young children to romp with.

Khaos (Buddy)
Well Buddy might not have went to the warm climate of Vernon like his mom Bella but he ended up in the warm arms of his new family. Lucky Boy!! And kids to play with BONUS!!!!

This little Basset/Beagle cross. Sprung from the pound a happy little guy. It didn't take his new owner Rob much time to snap him up! YAY!!!

Little Jake was flown to us from the cold arctic and went on to cow town to join his lucky family. We remember how much Jake loved gto jump into a bathtub full of water. What a card!!!!

Flash came into rescue with her daughter Christine below. She has since went on to find her new home with a lovely family and kids to play with. It was so nice to see how happy she was at The Romp and Race this year! Yay FLASH!!
With the help of ARTS we were able to help the owners of this big Basset/Bloodhound cross find a new home. 
Rufus came to us all the way from Ontario where the kennel staff there wanted to make sure he went into that extra special home. So he boarded a plane and made the trip Well lucky Rufus a wonderful home was found for this fella.

what an absolutely stunning boy. He wascsent to us from the pound he just couldn't handle the stress of that environment. And how lucky for him that he got the chance to find his home on Vancouver Island with his new family and Basset sibling!
Stella (Lady Sophie)
Little Stella relinquished to us from a loving family that made the difficult decision in hers and their current pets best interest. They just could not keep her due to the stress it was causing the current family pets. She has now found her new home. She will happily reside with her new family which includes two children for her to romp and play with as she grows into the beautiful Lady Sophie we know she will become.

Sadie never even made it on the website her foster family quickly swept her up and made her their own. She now resides with a great family and a furry companion Penny! That was one quick adoption ......way to win their hearts Sadie!!!!!

Duke(middle). came to us from up in the chilly north. He is now joined with the warmth of his new pack. What a handsome trio!

Duke the 3rd
Meet Mr. Royalty and that's exactly how he is being treated in his new home. We  were happy to place him in a child free home. Here he lives with his new Mom enjoying all the luxuries of life!
The best trip Paint ever made was his 3 day journey from Kansas to find his new furever home. He now calls Alberta home with his new family Jody, Dale and furry sister Abbey. Yep this sweet guy found happiness!
Uncle Steven

From a puppy mill to a furever home.... what a happy ending for this deserving pooch. He is very lucky to have retired from his life as a puppy mill breeder. He now calls home in doors with a wonderful family and some furry friends too. Uncle Steven can be found romping through the off leash parks with his new family and friends....Ahhhhh freedom finally!
Christine (Rosie)

Does this little gal look content? YOU BET!!!
Not only does she have two wonderful humans to call her own but a fabulous big brother to explore the trails with! Hurray!


Look at lucky Sarah living every Bassets dream! Nicely snuggled in on every Bassets favorite spot....THE COUCH! Yay for her when one of our previous adopters friends decided to adopt as well.Sweet dreams Sarah!!

Lily (Ally)

Little Lily found herself a wonderful home And it looks like Charlie agree!
Sascha (Molly)

Sweet as pie little Molly was with us a very short time when she was quickly snapped up by her new home. Gracie & Kevin previous adopters fell in love with her and welcomed her into their family along with Molly's new furry sibling Keisha.

Yet another foster success!!!  Oscar quickly won the heart of his foster dad Myles so the decision was made that Oscar would become a permanent resident. Yippee for Oscar!


Lucky Lynne & Jeff!!! Rupert decided to adopt them....after a lengthy stay as a foster pup he just was not about to leave. So he will spend his days perched upon the top of the couch as always!

Miss Molly

It was a perfect match from the moment Miss Molly stepped into her new home. She took to her new family instantly! Happines and good health to you Molly!!!!!

After a lengthy stay in a wonderful foster home the right family came along and now Rosie is happy to announce she is finally in her furever home...Yay!!!


Sydney now Sopie has found a new home with lots of family members that love her. She is such a lucky little gal!!!

Little Stella found the great home she so deserved. Happy & healthy she will always be in her new home.


This cute little pooch found his new forever home and is sure to be always loved. Good Luck Hoyt look forward to seeing you at the races!!!

Big Buddy Boy

Lyle & Liz gave this big fella the home he deserves. Experienced Basset owners/lovers that will see to all Buddys needs guaranteed and with Little brother Lou and plenty of walks I think we will see a much thinner Buddy in the future. How lucky for Buddy that this family came along alerted us to a dog in need and then went on to adopt him. Yes Buddy will live the good life from now on!!


What a great home dear Copper went to. A pooch with tons of energy now has an active family with three boys to call his own. It has been a win win situation for Scott, Dawn & boys
and of course Copper. Good luck little guy...hope to see you at the races!


Here I am Stanley as happy as can be in my new home with 4 sisters all little white fluffy playmates. That is Peaches and I in the pic.I have so much fun chasing them around in our huge yard I can hardly wait until spring!
I want to let everyone know that sometimes it doesn't always work out in your past home but I am proof that you can be happy in a new home as I am with my new Mom & Dad. Dad loves taking me for rides in the truck and he & I have become fast friends.
Thanks to my past family for loving me as long as you did and then realizing that I may be better off in a new home... don't worry I am getting lots of love and attention!


Can you believe it a sweet little gal like 8 month old Trixie had to go through 4 homes before coming to Basset Rescue where she finally found her 5th and final home with Holli & Daniel. They love her to bits and have enrolled her in obedience classess where she is sure to be a star!!!  Who knows maybe she will win best trick at the annual World Basset Races this summer!!


This sweet gal is happy as ever in her new home. And I think Jaxson her Basset brother agrees she is here to stay! Someone to share the couch with!


Hmmm! Which hound is which? Yep that is our dear Jake smack dab in the middle of two hounds... Greyhounds that is!  In a small community in Saskatchewan a great family opened up their homes to love this special boy. He now shares his days with Xray and April and his humans Gus & Lori. We are so grateful they came forward to adopt this sweet senior.


This cute cuddly gal has found her permanent spot alongside her new furry companion Sparky and of course her humans Belinda & Mark. What a great life she will have. We hope to see you at the races this year Rhea...and don't forget to bring Sparky!


Thats me Belle on the left, after a short stay in a trial situation I have returned to the rescue and the pack that I have grown to love. After great consideration it has been decided that this is where I will stay...Yay...I love my new brothers!

The fine pooch he is.... has found his new home with Linda and her boys. He is fitting in very nicely and even the cats have decided he can be a purrmanent part of their lives. Lucky Oliver gets to accompany Linda on her trip to the stables where he visits with the horses as well.

 Looks like he has found that perfect home!


Found as a stray sweet little Molly found a loving home with Craig and Tanya. What a way to end months of wandering from farm to farm in search of shelter and a meal. This lucky pup is now a happy pup!!

Bubba what a lucky fella you are to have been adopted by The Bishop family. We are happy that you will be able to give that good old hound love to Kelly, suzanna & family after the lose of their dear Jasper!


Copper in the back is one happy fella now that he has finally found his furever home! His new owners love him very much and Keisha his furry friend feels the same as they have become fast friends. Way to go Copper it was nice to see how happy you are at the BBQ!

Chopper our sweet Basset/ Dachshund cross has found a wonderful new home where he is loved dearly. This was evident when we seen him with his new family at the World Basset Races. 

Wilson's second chance at an adoptive home has proved to be his last. He is now one happy pooch that has found his forever home. It was great to see you at the races this year with your new family.

Miss Moosh

Miss Moosh is now one happy pooch after being sought after by many. She has now found her furever home with her new family. She is even working her way into the heart of her furry new sibling Rodger!! Good Luck Moosh!!

Theo & Turbo

These boys got lucky!!! After being fostered in the same home for many months they developed a strong bond. So how lucky for them when a new home came available AND it was for the both of them! They are now living in the sunny Okanagan with their new family Susan & Walter and of course their new furry sibling Tubs.


Lucky Flash! For he has found his forever home with Cameron & Lisa in Calgary....and of course some Guinea Pig siblings.
A sweet dog with a Happy ending! You deserve it Flash!


It's been finalized! After a long journey from the States he has found his new digs with his new family in Edmonton. And to top it off they are prepared to deal with his persistent howling.
A quote from the wise father of his adoptive mom..."A Hound can't die from singing" So they are taking it Day by Day.
Congratulations Dale you deserve the best. Enjoy your new family and the felines too!


Lovely Stitch has found his new family here in Calgary - this boy has come a long way from the sad, neglected, outdoor hound he was when Basset Rescue Edmonton took him in and is now a lively, loving, mischeivous basset hound.  His new family consists of both 2 and 4 leggers to play with and we know he's going to have a very happy life there.


Lovely gent Jackson has found his forever home with Kelly and his family in Edmonton.  He'll have 2 canine brothers (a lab and a collie-mix) to play with, and will be heading out with his new dad on a daily basis during the winter to go to work ploughing snow!!!  Who'd have thought a pooch from sunny Iowa would end up clearing the white stuff up north!  Enjoy your new life, sweet boy!

Buddy (Fudgie)

Look at Fudgie now!!!! After moving from home to home, he is finally all snug and warm in his new FOREVER home. This Jim & Bernie assured me the moment he set a paw in their home.
Jim & Bernie are going to provide an awesome home for him and just in time for Christmas celebrations. Have fun on your Jasper holiday Buddy!

Harvey & Gertie

Harvey & Gertie are both settling into their new forever home in Edmonton.  These lucky pooches get to spend their days on a farm with their new family, and will have plenty of options to help other bassets because their new mum, Gwen, is the organiser of the annual World Basset Races, held to raise funds for Canadian Basset Rescue!  Congrats to these 2 pooches on their new family... we can't wait to see you at the races next year!


Continuing the current trend, Maggie is also heading north to Edmonton to join her new family - she's going to be spoiled rotten and given all the love she could ever want by long-time basset lover Tom, along with his wife and 2 daughters.  Maggie was an owner relinquish whose previous family didn't have time to spend with her - after being fostered for a short time here in Cowtown she's finally off to her own digs to be get all the attention she could ever want.  Have a pawsome time, Maggie!

Sweet Cookies found her forever home in Edmonton with Bob & Stephanie.  She came in as an owner relinquish on Saturday morning and was one of those adoptions that just fell into place perfectly; Bob and Stephanie had been looking for the right hound to add to their family, and Cookies just happened to become available on the day that they were due to make a trip to visit friends in Calgary.  It was love at first sight and Cookies found herself on her way north to her new family.  I think this may have been the easiest adoption we've ever had!



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