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Foster Homes


A foster home's primary purpose is to immediately place a rescued basset hound into a normal home situation.  Rescued basset hounds may come to us from shelters, owner relinquished, puppy mills or abandonment or abuse situation.  A foster home is the best place for the basset to adjust to the changes in its life and prepare them for a successful adoption.


A foster parent is responsible for the basset hounds basic needs such as food, water and shelter.  A fenced yard or fenced area large enough to allow the basset plenty of room to run and play safely, is necessary.  Basic health care such as routine vaccinations, spay/neuter, and other necessary medical care is paid for by the Basset Rescue.  If the basset hound requires veterinary care or follow-up care,we will discuss this with you.

The foster home,  allows us to better evaluate the rescued basset hound.  Since we do not always know the basset's background, we may not know if the basset is housetrained, likes children, other dogs and cats.  Most likely your new foster basset may be frightened and insecure.  A foster family or foster parent helps us to get to know the traits and qualities of the rescued basset, and this increases the placement into a perfect forever home dramatically.  Keep in mind, fostering is not always an easy task, in fact, it can be quite trying at times.  The foster parent's patience and understanding is the key to success.

Foster homes have first chance at adopting the hound if they so desire.


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