Basset Rescue Edmonton

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Foster Application


1. Please provide the following contact information:

First Name:

Last Name:




Cell Phone:


2. Best time to reach you:


3. What type of housing do you live in?
4. Do you own or rent?
4a. If you rent, does your landlord permit dogs?
4b. If you rent, is there a weight/size limit on allowable dogs?

4c. If yes, what is the weight/size limit?

4d. If you rent, please provide your landlord's name and contact information for verification of requirements:


Work Phone

Home Phone


5. Do you have stairs in your home?
5a. If yes, how many stairs?

6. Do you have a fenced in yard?

6a. If yes, please describe your fence (height, type etc):

6b. If no, do you agree to keep the basset on a leash when outdoors?
7. Are you willing to have a volunteer from BRE do a home check?
8. What is the make-up of your household?

Number of adults

Number of children:

8a. If there are children in the household, what are their ages?

9. Are there other children who visit frequently (i.e. grandkids, babysitting)?
9a. If yes, what are the visiting children's ages?

10. Please list the pets you currently own and provide the information requested on each one.

Dog (Breed)

cat, bird, other



Date of last vaccinations for:

Pet's Name

11. Describe the temperament of the dog(s) you currently own.
12. Describe the activity level of the dog(s) you currently own.
Veterinarian Information
13. Do you have a veterinarian?
14. If yes, please provide your veterinarian's name and phone number


Work Phone

15. What pet name and last name are your current vet records under?


16. Why do you want to foster a Basset?

17. How do other family members feel about fostering a Basset?

18. Which family member will be the basset's primary caregiver?

19. How many hours per day will the basset be left alone?

20. Where will the basset be kept during the day?

21. Where will the basset be kept during the night?

22. Are you willing to take your foster to a veterinarian?
23. Have you ever owned a Basset?

24 Are you willing to help with assessment of the foster dog?
25. Have you ever adopted a dog from a rescue organization or shelter?
26. Have you ever fostered for a rescue organization before?
26a. If yes, please explain:

27. Have you ever had to give up a dog?
27a. If yes, please explain:

28. Are you willing to foster a special needs or senior Basset?
29. Are you willing to foster a Basset recovering from surgery and/or on medication?
30 Are you willing to foster more than one Basset at a time?

31. Are you willing to house train your foster, if necessary?
32. Are you willing to crate train your foster?


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