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Maggie and Molly are 10 year old sisters looking for their retirement home! They are up to date on all their vaccinations, and have no prevalent health issues as far as we know.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell then apart - Maggie has white back legs while Molly's are brown..Molly also has spots on her chest! Because we have lived together our whole lives we will need to be adopted together - we get along really well most of the time but like all sisters, can sometimes get into a fight if there is food involved!

Maggie is very attention driven, she loves snuggles and pets while Molly is the food driven one, and will do anything for a treat. (She loves to steal tomatoes from the garden!) The girls are fairly active and like to go on one to two shorter walks per day.

Both are very reactive to other dogs when on leash (will bark at dogs walking by) and do not do too well meeting new dogs, so they will need a forever home with no other pets. At home they can be quite chatty with one another - sometimes they will howl when an ambulance goes by! Molly can sometimes struggle with stairs in her older age. Both girls are crate trained and do very well being left alone, but can't go for more than a four-five hours without needing a bathroom break. Both girls are very sound sleepers and sleep through the whole night with no problems! They love meeting new people and have been very good with kids."


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