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(ADOPTED) Hello! Winston here. Do you like to take long afternoon naps on the couch? Do

you like to stroll around the neighbourhood once or twice a day? Do you love

cuddles and hugs? ME TOO! I’m a neutered, fully house trained, 7-year- old male

looking for my forever home. If you are home more often than not (perhaps you

work from home or are retired even), maybe I’m the hound for you? I’m up to

date on all my shots and just had a lot of dental work done. The doc tells me my

mouth is all healed. He also tells me that I’m in pretty good physical shape for a

dog of my breed, although I can’t figure out what he means by that. ;) I’m not

very tolerant of tiny humans and other four-legged creatures when they share my

living space but I will behave around them if I come across them in my travels.

You see, I tend to like to be the star of the show. I’ve been told I’m a bit of a

monkey. I like challenges such as breaking into unopened food bags and fitting

my basset butt into chairs that maybe were not built for it. And, rest assured, I do

know my name, even if at times I pretend not to. Always keep in mind that I will

do what you want as long as there is a treat involved. Oh, and this last part is

very, very important. My whole life I’ve lived with my best basset bud, Avigale,

however now I think it’s finally time to be on my own. I’ll be entering my golden

years without her, so please be patient as I may not quite be myself for the first

little while. All in all, I’m a loveable guy that just wants to be with my people all

the time, even in your lap if that’s an option!

Maple is approx. 4 years old. She is neutered, and is up to date on her rabies, and three way shot. Maples family is looking for a Basset experienced/ loving home that will be able to give Maple a fantastic new home and continue to work with her in respect to the following:
1.) Peeing when exited, she has a very loose bladder. 
2.) Uncontrolled barking, she cannot be kenneled as she barks continuously throughout the day. 
3.) When not kenneled anything within reach is destroyed and shredded, especially if it might smell like food
4.) Although she was once potty trained, she now poops in the house, as well as her kennel.

 Okay with some cats however she does chase them if they move too quickly. She unfortunately just does not seem to be a dog that does well on her own for extended periods of time. She will be fine with other dogs, she is very well socialized. She is a bit scared of children, however she usually just sits and looks worried while they play with her. Older children would be preferable (6+) Her new home should have enough time in their schedule to take her for daily walks. Maple has a lot of destructive energy, and when not siphoned off she takes to destroying anything within reach. She is known to jump counters and table tops to get to such items! She is a very high energy dog and not a couch potato. Would be willing to continue her pet insurance policy. (Maple had broken her leg at six months old. although there is no limp and it healed very well she will most likely experience some issues with the leg in her old age. If the health insurance lapses, this would be considered a pre-existing condition and would not be covered). Live in a situation where barking is not an issue for neighbors. Maple likes to sing loudly throughout the day when left alone. Maple has never been an only child, and would most likely not do well being completely alone. other animals in the household would be a definite bonus. Although Maple is house-trained she often pees when excited. Although Maple has never shown aggression to children, she is unsure of them. .


NOT A BASSET BUT....Chika is a 5 year old lovely yellow lab. She is a sweet girl who loves human companionship and is looking for her forever home this new 2017 year. If you are looking for a great family pet, please consider Chika.

A quiet soul, that really really wants to be petted and have a soft bed to lay in, likes to be in the same room as her people. It has been a year of transitions for this poor girl. Chika had a yeast infection on her skin from an allergy issue that she has been battling all her life as an outdoor only dog now with being an inside dog and with multiple baths and a regular prescription of prednisone things are looking much better as her recent pic shows. We have not pinpointed her allergy yet but the move to being a house dog has made significant changes to her skin condition and her fur is grown in nicely :) when she came to us she was mainly guard hairs and naked...
Chika takes 2 prednisone every morning and benefits from a bath  Because of her prolonged battle with skin problems her ears have had many infections and are now very scarred on the inside which makes keeping them clean and dry an on going issue, 
She is now spayed and other than keeping up on looking after her skin and ears, and giving her patience and love she is ready for a new home. She gets along with other dogs and is gentle with people, she used to live on a farm as a roaming outside dog so this has been a big change for her. She does get anxious when left alone but settled into a routine of coming and going quite well.

Wrigley and Truman (ADOPTED) are ready to start the next chapter of their life... retirement :)

These bonded boys are about 10 years old and ready for the quiet life of dog beds, food and love... so if you have room in your home for a couple of boys and can supply the love and food you may have a match made just in time for the holidays.

Truman just had dental surgery and is still recovering but doing well and his check up on Friday will be the vet's okay for him to be adopted, and of course we would not want to split up these boys, they have been together for a decade. Even while Truman was at the vet Wrigley wandered the house looking for his brother and they cuddle together regularly.

So if you are a pre approved home, message Basset Rescue Edmonton about these boys, if you have not been pre approved yet please see our website and fill out the adoption form you can also access it from our facebook page. Look under photos then albums and it is there ready for you to copy and paste to an email to [email protected]


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